You Put Ketchup on What?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids' Eating Habits

For the most part, B has been a pretty adventuresome and often voracious eater. We count ourselves lucky and I still knock on wood. I know many other moms plagued by the picky habits or allergic limits of their children’s eating habits: only pasta and rice, chicken nuggets for every meal, scanning every label and quizzing every restaurant for peanuts, wheat, or eggs, avoidance of all things green, dipping all food in ranch dressing or ketchup. Sound familiar to anyone? T’s appetite has not been as adventuresome as B’s so far, but he’s super independent and interested in table food, so I’m hoping as his ability to chew and his dexterity improve, he’ll follow his brother on the path to broader dietary horizons.

A Book for Picky Eaters

Mrs. Pig's Bulk BuyThough we haven’t had to work hard to convince B to try new things, we had fun talking about the picky eating pigs in Mrs. Pig’s Bulk Buy, by Mary Rayner. I recommended it immediately to a couple friends who do have picky eaters, and I’m now sharing that recommendation with you. Read it with your child as a nudge toward trying new things or as a cautionary tale to avoid getting stuck in a food rut.

Ketchup Gets a Little Tiresome

The little piggy children in Mrs. Pig’s Bulk Buy are big fans of ketchup. They like it on EVERYTHING. Mrs. Pig gets a little frustrated when her children cover everything she works so hard to cook with ketchup. (Can we blame her?) So she comes up with a plan in the vein of that tried and true parental trick: reverse psychology. On her next shopping trip, she purchases 6 enormous jars of ketchup, and from the time she returns home, that is all she serves.
 As you can imagine, the piggies are excited at first, but it is not long before they are begging for something else to eat. Satisfied she has taught her piggies a lesson, Mrs. Pig goes back to cooking tasty meals for them – and they aren’t so eager to drench them in ketchup. The author attributes the rosy skin of pigs to Mrs. Pig’s ketchup experiment: “all piglets have been like that ever since,” and warns the reader against becoming too fond of ketchup or “who knows, you just might turn really bright pink yourselves.”

How do you deal with picky eaters or food ruts in your house?

Appropriate for preschoolers, primary grades.

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Raising a Happy Child June 29, 2010 at 10:19 AM  

Thanks for joining WMCIR. This book looks pretty interesting. My daughter is moderately picky - she eats a reasonably wide range, but she wouldn't touch anything remotely spicy and she follows classic rule of toddlers - no food should touch any other food. It's annoying, but I think she will grow out of it eventually.

Ginny Marie July 1, 2010 at 12:36 PM  

I think I need this book for Emmy! She will eat the ketchup on her plate with a spoon! I finally convinced her to try a grape today, and guess what -- it didn't taste yucky after all! ;)

Kelly July 7, 2010 at 7:10 AM  

I might have to check out this picky eater book. My middle child doesn't much like meat. And my son seems to be heading that direction, although he's only 15mo. Thanks for stopping by (

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