What do I have to share?

The idea to write Little Sprout Books came about after repeated conversations with friends and family that revolved around the books I read with my children. As a teacher who comes from a family of educators, I can’t help but see the qualities of books that lend themselves to developmental or academic growth. So, I’d share with a family member or friend (who often also happens to be a fellow educator), but I wanted to share with other parents and caregivers – those who perhaps enjoyed the reading but didn’t always see the potential in books to go beyond entertainment to a springboard for growth.

Why a book blog?

I love reading other book reviews and recommendations (especially from other moms) because it gives us something new to search for at the library or add to a birthday wish list. If you check out my blog roll, you’ll find some of the other moms whose reading and activity suggestions I’ve enjoyed. As I’ve read the posts of others and thought of connections to great books we’ve enjoyed, I began to wonder if I might find a place for my discussion of great books for growing children might find a place in the blogosphere. Thus, Little Sprout Books was born.

Why these books?

Books that I blog about come from our bookshelves at home or the shelves of our local library. I am famous for doing major damage in a bookstore or at, and during my time in the classroom, I was a serious patron of Scholastic Book catalogs. The selection and age level of books correlates to the ages of my children, though I may throw in other spectacular finds that are beyond my boys for now since I keep a stash in the closet of great books for the boys to grow into that I just couldn’t pass up!

What makes me qualified?

I am a lifelong learner and lover of reading, and I’m a mom who wants to pass that on to her children. Beyond that, I’m a teacher credentialed in English-Language Arts in the State of California. I spent 8 years in the classroom before choosing to take a hiatus from my teaching career and focus on my mommy career. I am an admitted bibliophile – I read everything from parenting books to the latest fiction and world news to the back of a cereal box – if it’s in print, I’m interested. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day for all the reading I might enjoy, but the reading I enjoy most is with my little ones.

I ♥ my friends!
A million thanks to the friends who visited Mommy's Piggy Tales to vote for me in the blog design contest! I won't be receiving the make-over, but I'm so humbled by the lovely comments so many of you made! You make me feel like a winner! Thank you!

Ginny Marie said...
I'm here to vote for Anne@Little Sprout Books! I'd love for Anne to get her own button! :)

lana said...
I'm voting for Anne at Little Sprout Her postings might inspire more mom's to take the time to enjoy the tender moments of childhood. A creative web design might encourage more visitors

Newton said...
I am voting for Anne at little sprouts . com because she is a cool mom with a neat blog about little ones

Sue said...
I want to vote for Anne at to receive the makeover. Her posts are fun, thoughtful, and insightful and a design makeover could add more artistic creativity to her website.

Andrea said...
I vote for Anne at!! She deserves this because she is an amazing mom and still finds time to help others show kids the wonderful world of books using her blog!

Michelle said...
I vote for Anne at! I love the way she brings in the real life events into her blogs which connects us all!

Emily said...
I vote for Anne at Little Sprout Books.

Gezelle said...
Here's another vote for Anne at Little Sprouts Books. She will be famous one day, so let's get on the bandwagon and jump-start her career!

Ana O said...
I'm voting for Anne@LittleSproutBooks to win the blog make-over!
Wes L said...
I'm voting for Anne@LittleSproutBooks to win the blog make-over!

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