What is a Little Sprout Book?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Little Sprout Book is a children’s book that is not only entertaining, but can be a tool for parents and caregivers to support their child’s developmental growth. The three main areas of human development are physical, cognitive, and social-emotional. I would argue that any book could contribute to a child’s cognitive development if only because enjoying it fosters an interest in reading. However, Little Sprout Books go further.

I do not assert or suggest that reading the books I recommend will result in developmental advances or treat developmental delays. Instead, I intend to help parents and caregivers make connections between the books they read with their children and the developmental processes their children are naturally experiencing. It is my hope that enjoying a recommended book or completing a suggested activity will help your child grow and perhaps give you a more concrete understanding of what you can do to support that growth.

For further information about developmental domains, please see my references page; links are updated there as I find them.

As a mom and as a teacher, I welcome your suggestions/input about the books I recommend or others you have found with similar qualities – please leave a comment on the related post, or contact me via littlesproutbooks AT gmail DOT com.

All of the books I review/recommend are those we’ve found in bookstores, libraries, catalogs, or through a friend; none are paid endorsements. However, I feature an Amazon link for anyone interested enough by a review to consider purchasing. If you choose to add a book to your library based on what you read here, I may receive a small percentage of the purchase price if you shop at Amazon. If so, I thank you for contributing to my book shopping habit!

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